Single News: Usher – “Climax”

So last week Usher released his newest Diplo-produced song “Climax” and it’s a much needed departure from his last few paint-by-numbers dance pop tracks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Usher’s generic pop songs but his best tracks have always been his slow-burning R&B jams. (One need to look no further than the immaculate “There Goes My Baby” from Raymond v. Raymond for proof.)

Now all that said, “Climax” is not a traditional R&B song. It’s got all the sultry and sensual punch of the best slow jams with some electronic flavor to keep it interesting. It makes for a compelling combination and Usher’s vocals are in top form. (Heck, he’s one of the few male pop artists who can still carry a tune.) I can tell from it’s hypnotizing melody that it’s going to be a huge grower – which is especially impressive given how much I instantly love it. It’s dangerously close to Usher’s best lead single ever.


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