Single News: B.o.B – “So Good”

It’s been a while since B.o.B dominated pop radio with “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You”, but his newest track “So Good” is already flying up iTunes and sounds like it might bring Bobby Ray back to Top 40. And unlike those two songs (and even the first two singles from Strange Clouds, “Strange Clouds” and “Play The Guitar”), this one doesn’t even need a lengthy list of featuring credits. The track latches onto your brain with a smooth hook and slick production from none other than Ryan Tedder. (And no, no, this one does not sound anything like “Halo”.)

“So Good” is driven by a staccato piano line which keeps the mood light and the song moving. Really the entire song is pure auditory bliss and B.o.B is one of the few rappers today whose lyrics hold up when you actually pay attention to them. (Unless you’re a stickler for grammar, in which case you might want to ignore the multiple cases of “so pack your bags real good,” but if you’re a stickler for grammar, I would suggest listening to books on tape instead of music.) The beat doesn’t hit quite as hard as it could, but that’s an afterthought when everything else feels, well, so good. (Yeah. I went there.)

On a scale of “I’d rather mutilate my ears with a switchblade” to “I would donate my heart to this song”: I wouldn’t even kill anyone if it got played as much as “Rolling In The Deep”


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