Single News: Carrie Underwood – “Good Girl”

It’s a good thing I’m not a Carrie Underwood fan, else heads would’ve rolled at casa de taks yesterday. (Okay, so I live alone in a studio apartment barely big enough for my microwave. No heads would be rolling in any scenario.) So regardless of whether I would be brutally decapitating people or not, the roll out of “Good Girl” was hilariously awful. I mean, if you’re going to have a timer counting down to midnight, something better happen at midnight. I don’t care if you can’t release the single then, make something else happen. Release gorillas into the streets of Nashville. Replace your website with a Nyan Cat. Do. Something.

On to the actual song, I guess. So I don’t really like country music. (Although, I no longer blanket hate anything with twang, which is a vast improvement for me.) As such, this might be my favorite Carrie song that doesn’t involve an Ororo Munroe-esque walk down the street (and with an appropriately superhero-themed music video, it could overtake Carrie’s Louisville slugger slugging anthem). It’s some hybrid pop/country/rock except the only things discernibly country in the song are Carrie’s voice and copious use of the phrase “get to gettin'” which I assume actually means something to some people. Otherwise it’s just a fun, poppy, energetic Britney-styled track that employs hand claps successfully. Maybe Carrie’s people will actually attempt to hit up pop radio with this so clearly made-for-pop country track for once.

On a scale of “emphysemic cats in a blender” to “the aural equivalent of Thai food”: like wind chimes on a mildly breezy day before they lose their charm and make you rue the day your neighbor’s stepmom decided it was a good idea to give a housewarming gift that makes noise.


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