Single News: Usher – “Scream” & “Lemme See”

Gearing up for his seventh studio album, Looking For Myself, which drops on 6/12, Usher released two new singles this week to follow-up the R&B #1 “Climax.” Last Thursday, the dance pop “Scream” went out to radio and today the r&b banger “Lemme See” featuring Rick Ross premiered. Though entirely opposite sides of the spectrum, both very closely represent what we’ve come to expect from Usher over the past couple albums.

“Scream” is Usher’s obvious attempt to woo the pop-listening audience that recently embraced him through recent smash singles “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” & David Guetta’s “Without You.” It’s a standard electro-influenced pop song with smooth edges and slick production. Perfectly catchy and danceable, there’s nothing to stop this from being a Chris Brown or Jason Derulo track. Still, the beat is hot and Usher’s voice sounds better than all his contemporaries, so this will certainly do its job.

On a scale from “mangled cats on a minefield” to “if I had to choose one song to listen to, it’d be this”: a water molecule in a sea of… well, other water molecules.

The far more interesting and memorable track of the two is without question “Lemme See.” Usher goes through about every vocal trick in his arsenal without it once seeming jumbled or disconnected. There’s almost an ethereal feel to the instrumentation that, when coupled with the song’s fluid groove, hits every bit as hard as last year’s “Motivation.” Rick Ross adds a verse that’s not particularly necessary, though it doesn’t detract for even a second. This will be tearing up the R&B chart every bit as quickly as “Scream” has been terrorizing the pop chart.

On a scale from “Black Eyed Peas” to “it’s so beautiful it hurts”: Friday evening on a 3-day weekend.


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